MBSC Board of Directors 2013/2014

President - Dan Potts
1st Vice - Melina Stathopulos
Treasurer - Jodi Smart
Secretary- Linda Kemp
Test Chair - Donna Bergvinson
Director - Lorraine Mapoles
Director - Donna Cummins
Director - Brenda Franz
Director - Kim Weisner

Director of Skating - Steve Muff
CanSkate Director - Tamara Mapoles
Director of Off-Ice & Creative Development - Kelsey Williams


Skate Canada is a very successful national organization and one of the reasons for this is the involvement of thousands of volunteers that help to keep things running. Some individuals have been volunteering for more than 50 years! There are many types of volunteer positions available and these can range from playing music at a club skating session to making policy at the national board level. Each year Skate Canada pays tribute to its volunteers at its annual meeting and awards are presented to those whose contributions have been recognized by their peers

About our Club