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Junior Academy (Beginner Figure Skating)

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Junior Academy 

The entry point for our figure skating programs is Junior Academy. In the Junior Academy program skaters will be taught in a group format and will learn the basic principals of figure skating. Our goal in the Junior Academy program is to provide skaters with the skills needed to progress through our more advanced figure skating programs. In most cases skaters come to Junior Academy having participated in our CanSkate or Fast Tracker program, however this is not a mandatory requirement and your child may audition for our Junior Academy Class at any time during the season. If you are interested in having your child join Junior Academy we encourage you to contact our Director of Skating (Steve Muff) to discuss the available options.

No refunds except for medical reasons, with a doctor’s certificate. Refunds will be in the form of ‘credits’ and will be subject to a $35 Administration Fee.


It's very important that skaters have well fitting figure skating style skates when registering for this class. We recommend any of the skates at the link below. Skates need to fit well and have adequate ankle support. Skater should be able to stand off the ice without ankles falling inwards. 

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