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Skates for Sale


Below is a list of used skates for sale. There are some important factors to consider when looking for new skates. 

As with anything that goes on your child’s feet, fit is extremely important. Skates that are too big will allow slippage and loss of control on the ice. Skates that are too small can damage your child’s feet. Ensure that boots fit snugly, that the heel doesn’t slip, and that toes have a little wiggle room.

Notice that the skates lace all the way to the top, providing both support and necessary flexibility.


If there are a pair of skates you are interested in (on this list) please email and will put you in touch with the owner. If you are interested in a brand new pair of skates we can also point you in the right direction so please don't hesitate to contact us. 

1.  We have Jackson size12.5 Mystique.    

Jackson 13 Classique. Jackson 2.5 Freestyle

and Riedell size 2  and size 2.5 T255



2.  I have Jackson Premiere ( step up from competetor size 2 with a Matrex blade . Asking 60.00

A pair of 1 1/2 competitor with a protege blade excellent shape 50.00



3.  Jackson freestyle size 1 B width

Gam size 1.5 A width

Gam size 1.5 B width

Gam size 2 B width

Gam size 3.5 B width



4.  We have 13.5 and 1.5 Jackson Mystiques.   1.5B Freestyle.


5. We have the following:

Size 12 Jackson's mark IV blade
Size 1 riedell. Not sure which blade
Size 1 1/2 Jackson's mark IV blade
Size 3,3 1/2, 4 1/2, freestyle Jackson's mirage blade
Size 5 elite Jackson's legacy blade
Size 250 edea legacy blade


6.  I have a 4 1/2 C jackson premiere

With legacy blades . Used for 2 weeks $ 500 brand new . I can sell them but I am not sure for what ? 



7. 11.5 Jackson Mystique (Free)

13.5 Jackson Mystique (Free)

2.5 Gam (Free)



8. 13's mentioned:  

Reidell TS - size 13, GAM P201 blade

Reidell TS - size 2 mirage ultima blade


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