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MBSC Coaching Team

The Mount Boucherie Skating Club is proud to provide it’s members with a highly knowledgable, and experienced coaching team. Our coaches work as a team to ensure our skaters are provided with the best possible opportunity to achieve their maximum personal potential.


Our coaches are continually developing their skills through courses, seminars and training sessions. Coach education is a critical component of a skaters long term development.


If you would like to book lessons for your skater or if you have any questions about our coaching team please contact our Director of Skating - Steve Muff (

Director of Skating - Steve Muff


Steve has coached at the Mount Boucherie Skating Club for 22 years. He is a National level NCCP Level 3 Certified coach with partial NCCP Level 4 Certification. During his time with the MBSC Steve has produced multiple Provincial Champions, Provincial Medalists, and National Competitors. He is an expert in both the DartFish Video Analysis system and Pro Motion Harness System. Since the inception of the International Judging System Steve has been involved with the International Skating Union working at International Events in places such as Japan, Korea, Hungary, Lake Placid - New York, Mexico, Germany, Finland, Iceland, and coast to coast in Canada. Steve’s worked with Skate Canada at numerous national championships as a member of the technical panel as well as a technical producer for Skate Canada Productions live streaming. In addition to being the Director of Skating at the MBSC, Steve is also a Development Director for Skate Canada BC/YT Section and a member of the BC/YT Section Skater Development Committee. Steve is deeply involved with the development of skating in British Columbia. Away from the rink Steve enjoys playing tennis, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and photography/videography. 

22+ years of coaching experience

Skate Canada BC Development Director 

Coach of Provincial Champions, and National Competitors
Expert in DartFish Video Analysis System
International Skating Union - Video Replay and Data Input Operator
Skate Canada - Video Replay and Data Input Operator
Skate Canada CanPower Skate Certified Coach

2009/2010 Skate Canada BC/YK Section Coach of the Year

Member of Skate Canada BC/YK Skater Development Committee


NCCP National Level Certified Coach (Formerly NCCP Level III)
Level 4 Task #10 Biomechanical Analysis of Advanced Skills
Level 4 Task #4 Nutrition for Optimal Performance
Level 4 Task #12 Planning and Periodization - Training and Competitive Activites

Team Coach - Daniela Keller

  • NCCP Level 3 ( National Coach) certified, Singles

  • 14 years coaching experience

  • Specializes in coaching Singles and Choreography

  • Coach/Choreographer of provincial competitors

  • Senior Singles competitor

  • Skated as a soloist and pair skater in various ice shows like Holiday On Ice, Cruise Ships, Ice Theatre of NY, Canada Ice Dance Theatre etc for over 10 years

Team Coach - Anne McGraw

NCCP National Level Certified Coach (Formerly NCCP Level III)

I am level 3 certified in 2 disciplines, single and Ice dancing. My passion is competitive Ice dancing, choreography, edges, movement and polishing. I'm a perfectionist with a lot of patience! I did all my training as a skater in Quebec and taught there until I moved to BC in 1986. I taught in multiple clubs in the lower mainland for 3 years and I was also a part of a traveling ice show on plastic Ice until I moved to PG in 1989. In PG I took skaters to a national level in singles and Ice Dancing and I choreographed for national level Pair teams, all with the Spruce City SC. The highlight of my career was to be selected for the BC Apprenticeship program at Worlds 2001 in Vancouver. It was an honor and an unforgettable experience. In 2002, I moved to Kelowna and decided to take a step back from the sport to be more involved with our 3 sons. I have been freelancing with the Mt Boucherie SC on and off since then. I live a very active life and my husband and I love to travel. You might find me at Spinco, hiking knox mountain or at the Pilates studio but in the winter, you will find me on a tropical beach :)

Team Coach - Breanne Bergvinson

Breanne Website.jpg

Regional Certified Coach (formerly NCCP Level 1)

Provincially Trained (formerly NCCP Level 2)


Breanne is a third year Human Kinetics student at UBCO. She has been a member of MBSC for over 15 years. At a young age, Breanne was provincial champion at the Pre-Juvenile level. She was a part of both the regional and provincial development teams. She had the opportunity to participate in two BC Winter Games (2010, 2012) as well as the International Children’s Games (2011) and competed provincially up to the novice level. Breanne cherishes her memories as a skater and hopes to pass along her passion for the sport to future skaters. When Breanne isn’t at the rink or studying, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and playing volleyball. 

Team Coach - Phoebe Kemp

Phoebe Website.jpg

Regional Certified Coach (formerly NCCP Level 1) 

Provincially Trained (formerly NCCP Level 2)

Phoebe has been a member of the MBSC since she moved here from England in 2010. She began her skating journey at the age of 5 in England as something fun to do after school. Skating has provided many exciting opportunities for Phoebe having competed at competitions in Italy, Scotland, the International Children's Games (2011), and the BC Winter Games (2012). Phoebe competed at the Sectional level in both Pre Novice and Novice ladies and is the Gold Women Provincial Champion  (2015, and 2016). On top of her training and coaching Phoebe is also attending Okanagan College. 

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