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MBSC - Figure Skating Programs

The Mt. Boucherie Skating Club provides a wide range of figure skating programs. From beginners to national level competitors, we pride ourselves on providing programs that enable our skaters to reach their own personal potential. So whether you want to skate recreationally, or have dreams of being on the podium our coaches will help your skater reach their goals. 


Junior Academy 

The entry point for our figure skating programs is Junior Academy. In the Junior Academy program skaters will be taught in a group format and will learn the basic principals of figure skating. Our goal in the Junior Academy program is to provide skaters with the skills needed to progress through our more advanced figure skating programs. In most cases skaters come to Junior Academy having participated in our CanSkate or Fast Tracker program, however this is not a mandatory requirement and your child may audition for our Junior Academy Class at any time during the season. If you are interested in having your child join Junior Academy we encourage you to contact our Director of Skating (Steve Muff) to discuss the available options. 



Once a skater has graduated from our Junior Academy program they will progress onto the Primary program. Primary skaters will continue to receive primarily group instruction, however, they will be introduced to more independent practicing times, and will have the opportunity to work with a coach in a private lesson setting. Primary skaters will begin to learn solos and will perform to music. Skaters in the Primary Program will be prepared to participate in local competitions and will have a solo in our year-end show 'Spring Fling'. 


Our Intermediate program is designed for those skaters participating in the Skate Canada Star 3 - 4 level. We recommend Intermediate skaters train 4 days per week and participate in competitions and test days throughout the year. Intermediate skaters have developed a skill set that allows them to work independently during their practice sessions. They will participate in group lessons, off-ice classes and will receive private lessons from our coaching team. 



Our Senior/Competitive program is designed for those skaters that have reached the Star 5 - Senior/Gold level. Senior/Competitive skaters train 4 - 5 times per week and participate in regional, provincial and national level competitions. 

Note: At the discretion of the Director of Skating, skaters may be moved to a different session to maintain balance. 


Session Guidelines and Expectations:


Season Dates: 


Our season will begin on September 5th. We will break for Christmas on December 22 and resume our programs in January when school resumes. There will be no regularly scheduled classes during spring break  and our final day of the season is May 23rd. There are a number of days throughout the season when our schedule will be modified due to other activities booked in the arena, such as, hockey tournaments, home shows, concerts, etc. We will notify you as these dates are finalized with the District Office. 


Session Guidelines: 


The goal of the MBSC is to enable each of our skaters to work toward their individual potential. In order to achieve this goal, we have set high expectations regarding work ethic and conduct on and off the ice. Skating is a highly technical sport that requires hard work, focus, self-discipline and exceptional classroom behavior. 


We ask that all skaters arrive for all classes on time. If for some reason skaters are unable to arrive on time for a class please make sure they join in without disrupting the other skaters. If you're not able to make it to a certain class please provide Steve with as much notice as possible so that the coaching schedule can be adjusted. Coaches reserve the right to bill for missed lessons when notice is not provided within 24 hours.  


Skaters should arrive to the rink dressed warmly, but also dressed appropriately for figure skating (no hoodies or messy hair, etc.)  Avoid clothing or hairstyles that need constant adjusting (i.e.: pulling up shirts or playing with ponytails, etc…). We would like all skaters to wear the stretch-knit type gloves as opposed to ski gloves or mittens. It is a good idea to keep a few pairs in their skate bag as they may get wet and cold while practicing new jumps, etc. Snug fitting warm-up jackets are recommended, as most of our skating will occur in the Jim Lind Arena, which is quite cold. 

Parents are welcome to observe our on-ice programs from the viewing stands. However, it is important that while your child is training they remain focused on their skating. The only time skaters should leave the ice is to use the washroom, or if they have hurt themselves and need a few minutes to recover. Unless skaters are hurt we ask that they do not interact with parents until after the practice session is complete. The same guideline regarding parent interaction also applies to all off-ice classes, when it is required that off-ice classes be run in the Jim Lind arena lobby we ask that parents provide sufficient room for the class to be conducted in way that limits distractions to the skaters. The off-ice facilities in our building are limited so your cooperation in this regard is much appreciated and will only help our coaches to run more effective classes for the skaters. 


For safety we ask that if skaters are required to leave the ice they inform a coach before leaving the ice surface. 


Steve is able to provide you assistance with any of your questions about the registration process and will help ensure that your skater is registered for the appropriate class/session.  (




Below is a list of competitions& events that  are available to our skaters this season. 

(Not known at this time, please check back)


*please note that we may recommend participation in other events that are appropriate to your skaters development 


As always if you have any questions please contact me at your convenience. 


Looking forward to a great season of skating!


Steve Muff

Director of Skating 

Mt. Boucherie Skating Club 

Junior Academy (Star 1)

Primary Program (Star 2)

Intermediate Program (Star 3 - 4)

Senior Program (Star 5 & higher)

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